Relationships and Responsibilities (PSHE)

Responsibilities and Relationships (PSHE) is now a core subject on the curriculum.  The aim of this subject is to prepare our young people for the world beyond The Yellow House and give them the skills to live a full and independent life.

The topics covered are:
Health & Wellbeing, topics include how to live a healthy life including both physical and mental health, the dangers of alcohol, smoking and drugs.  We also cover mindfulness which helps with stress and anxiety.  Self-confidence, self-esteem and managing behaviour to achieve.

Living in the Wider World, this will cover topics concerning internet safety and online grooming, careers and personal development, finances, discrimination and stereotyping and the environment.

Relationships, this will cover topics concerning all types of relationships for example; families, healthy relationships, abusive relationships and LGBT relationships.  We also cover body image, male and female, the media, peer on peer pressure, sexting. radicalisation and British values.

Sex Education is taught to all pupils.

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