About Us

The Yellow House is a very small, highly specialist, independent day school based on two sites for approximately 15 pupils from Year 9 until Year 11 with multiple and complex needs and including Aspergers, ADHD, ODD, OCD and Tourette’s Syndrome.

We are fully dedicated to helping pupils with difficulties whose needs have  not been met elsewhere. Each pupil is carefully assessed and an education & therapeutic programme is designed for their specific individual requirements.

Being a day school is very important to us and we place great emphasis on the importance of a secure and supportive family life. Much of our work is done in liaison with the family as a whole and all our staff make regular home visits to discuss progress and future planning.

Generally, our pupils are part time.  The curriculum, number of sessions offered and examination entered for are all bespoke to each pupil.  Some pupils are offered 3 sessions a week while others are offered 9 sessions.  We start small and build up at a pace that is suitable for each pupil.  

Our pupils are involved in all aspects of their placement and are expected to take a proactive role in their education.
We take a holistic and therapeutic approach which results in positive attitudes and moves our pupils forward in all areas of their development. Many of our pupils stay in contact  after leaving The Yellow House and we are always delighted to hear about their progress. 
The Yellow House Tribe