Careers and Transition

We have a very structured and planned transition program that is worked through during mentoring sessions with key workers each week. Part of this program is to examine careers. We are keen for our pupils to move into a Post-16 course/apprenticeship that accommodates their skills, interests, personality, and values.  Pupils are encouraged to consider what is important to them and to increase their self-awareness through the Transition Program. This program enables pupils to develop their personal insight and knowledge, and to develop career planning.
General Careers Websites/Information:  government portal to apprenticeships that is packed with apprenticeship opportunities and information, advice and guidance. : provides excellent information covering alternatives to university. : website with jobs and careers information which is dedicated to educating young people about school leaver programmes, apprenticeships and other alternatives to university. : helpful for Sixth Form. : provides real information on career opportunities, salary trends, comparisons of graduate and non-graduate salary expectations, where to study and what course to choose. provides careers films on a range of topics and areas.
If you would like further guidance from Essex County Council about transitioning to Post 16 Education, please have a look at the documents below which will signpost you in the right direction.