At The Yellow House we offer two levels of Science;

GCSE Single Science (AQA)
Biology and Physics start at foundation level and if aptitutde/ability is demonstrated the opportunity for achieving the higher level is available.

Entry Level Certificate (AQA)
Is available for those who are unable to study at GCSE Level.  This builds their confidence and enables them the chance to achieve a certificate either a single award or double entry award.

ELC covers Biology, Physics and Chemistry; single entry 1 of each / double entry 2 of each.

At completion of course, students will sit a written assessment, 45 minutes duration under supervision and a teacher devised assessment. Practical part has no time limit.

Science experiments are an integral part of Science.  Students will look at dissecting an animal heart or a fish.  This helps consolidate their learning and look at the organs within an animal bodies.

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