The Arts

The Arts department at The Yellow House caters for all young people who wish to explore their creative side through a range of art forms including Art and Design, Music, Drama and Media.

Our focus is to encourage creativity, imagination, build confidence and technical skills to enable our young people to gain a better understanding of the arts and themselves.

We use a range of materials and equipment at the school, integrating cross curricular projects through the use of our allotment, forest schools and English department. Learning is enriched through trips to local art galleries, museums, theatres and ceramic workshops.

Accredited Qualifications
WJEC - Entry Level 2 & 3 Creative Media and Performing Arts
  • Art and Design – Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, Textiles and Printmaking
  • Media – Advertising and Film
  • Music – Composing and Performing
  • Drama – Using voice, Using Body, Improvisation and Performance
AQA - GCSE Art and Design
  • Fine Art – Drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, photography and the moving image, printmaking and mixed media

You will work from a theme such as ‘natural form’ producing extensive research, sketches and notations, showing technical ability and evaluation skills. From this you will produce work in your sketch-books and portfolios.
You will be required to respond to one starting point given by the exam board. There will be a preparatory period of 6-7 weeks, followed by a 10-hour exam. You will be expected to produce preparatory studies, research in your sketchbook and a final piece.

If you have any questions regarding the Arts, please contact me via email: