Physical Education

GCSE PE and Entry Level Health and Fitness are both offered at The Yellow House. GCSE PE is offered over a two year course offered by AQA. The course is split into 3 Components.
Component 1 covers The Body Anatomy, Component 2 Social and Cultural Influences these add up to 60% of your total GCSE and Component 3 is made up of three practical activities amounting to 40% of your overall grade.

The first year will include learning component one and partaking in a regular activity eg: Gym once a week.  Also trying new sports that maybe of interest for using as a practical in year 2 of the course.

The second year will be completing the shorter component social cultural influences and partaking in the practical exams.
We have done many activities included regular Gym sessions, swimming, Rock climbing, squash and Basketball.

Health and fitness is a new programme offered through the Welsh Board.
Health and Fitness is a course at Entry Level 3, the components within Health and Fitness can be a pick and choose subject and learn about the topics you’d like. For example you could learn about Healthy living and complete a practical component such as regular Gym sessions, choreographing a dance routine and even

All students have the opportunity to participate in regular physical activity, even a 20 minute walk around the local village can really benefit on a pupil's mental and physical health.

If you have any questions about PE or Health and Fitness please contact Tiffany via email: