Our Educational Aims

Children with SpLD have difficulty in many aspects of their education.  This may include reading, writing, spelling and numeracy. They often experience difficulties with time concepts, spatial awareness, physical co-ordination, organisation and social interaction. Without specialist help many children fall rapidly behind their peers ; they under-achieve and their prospects in life are impaired.
Unsuccessful experiences and results in mainstream schools often mean that a specialist intensive learning environment is the best setting. At The Yellow House School, we recognise that SpLD learners often face great difficulties closing the gap between their potential and their performance. Therefore, every aspect of the education provided is designed to support pupils whilst they meet the challenge of bridging this gap.
 Our aim is that each pupil will:
  • realise their full intellectual and academic potential
  • develop and nurture self-esteem, skills and natural abilities
  • access therapeutic support 
  • motivate pupils towards independence in learning and everyday life
  • take examinations and prepare for further and higher education or vocational training.

To support these aims the Moat School offers:
  • A whole-school approach to learning for pupils 
  • Specialist teaching with highly-trained staff
  • Structured and individual learning programmes
  • Individual and small group teaching as necessary
  • Development of organisational and study skills
  • The National Curriculum and GCSE, Functional Skills and Entry Level qualifications
  • A wide range of sporting and extra-curricular activities.