Therapeutic Intervention

Ask yourself this:  
Does school and negotiating the teenage years often feel like swimming the English Channel, and being able to motivate yourself to take the next stroke seem really hard, or are you panicking and splashing about so much you’re getting nowhere?
Does it feel like, if you want to be successful, you must learn all the different swimming strokes perfectly just to get to the other side to collect certificates?

What if a little yellow boat came sailing towards you in the water, full of people who were there to guide, support and encourage you?
What if the people in the boat threw overboard some tools and equipment to help when the sea became choppy and challenging?
What if those people swam alongside you when the sea was stormy and overwhelming?
We are certainly not going to haul you out of the water and take you back to England and pretend the channel isn’t there?
How would that help?  We are not going to swim it for you. How would that help?

What if, when the water is calm, we could help you learn that the water can be fun and playing is important, that letting the water take your weight and relaxing is just as important?  
What if when you got to the other side, picked up your certificate, and looked back at the great expanse of sea, you felt a sense of achievement and wellbeing. What if had you learnt so much about yourself, others and negotiating your surroundings, whether they were calm, choppy and challenging or stormy and overwhelming?

Ask yourself this:
Wouldn’t you be better prepared for the next stage of your travels (adulthood)?
Wouldn’t that be more helpful?
Wouldn’t that make more sense?
Our ethos at The Yellow House School is based on a CBT informed approach to promote self-awareness, guided self-discovery and emotional wellbeing. We do not provide therapy or counselling we leave that to the experts, but we do offer therapeutic interventions that can help with low mood, anxiety and anger management.

                                                                                   “to learn to swim you have to get into the water”

If you'd like to know more about our therapeutic provision, please contact me