What is SMSC?
SMSC is an acronym for spiritual, moral, social and cultural. SMSC is mandatory for schools in England and allows them to demonstrate that they are actively promoting British values. At The Yellow House School we support a holistic education of each student and attempt to contribute towards the development of these key four areas.
At The Yellow House School we explore the beliefs and experience of others while identifying and respecting the values of individuals and groups. We support and encourage self-discovery, creativity, reflection and imagination.
The Yellow House School’s ethos and teaching helps pupils to understand differing views of what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, while supporting the rule of English and criminal law. Some of our goals include helping students to respect the civil and criminal law, distinguish between right and wrong, approach ethical and moral issues and to present balanced views.
The Yellow House School uses social skills in different contexts. We emphasise the importance of working well with others, teach the ability to resolve conflicts and attempt to understand how communities work effectively together.
The Yellow House School encourages and promotes the respect of one’s own culture and the culture of others. We study cultural influences, embark on cultural opportunities and seek to understand, accept and respect the diversity of others.
An Holistic SMSC Approach
The Yellow House School takes a coherent whole school approach, including curriculum subjects, school life and other activities. This can take shape in the form of teamwork during Activities, learning about mindfulness in R&R, studying the effects of climate change in Humanities, fund raising at The Yellow She Project, a cooking program with dishes from a various country, educational day trips and group speaking and listening tasks in English.

Our approach is evident in our themed days, guest speakers, and Outdoor learning Activities, to name just a few examples. We will continue to promote the very best social, moral, spiritual and cultural development in our students through a quality SMSC curriculum.